Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Know your place!" A Shun Kazami Lemon One Shot for dinolover19!

WARNING: There is some swearing in the one shot and this is a LEMON as well, I repeat, a LEMON one shot.

DISCLAIMER: Hmm, Let me think...Rights? Rights...Nope, don't own any...All rights belong to NELVANA.

A/N: (Author's note): Shun and Mizuki are 16.


Story Start:


It had happened again...Your Mother had come home drunk and had beaten you more than ever. You could see the bruises and scars that decorated your skin, despite the layers and layers of cover-up you put on them. You hated it, the way she came home drunk. You hated the way her actions drove your father and older brother away from you. Most of all you hated her. She was the one who made you become one of them. The people you hated the most: The Vexos. They ticked you off to no extent, making you wish you could join the Resistance even more...Except for one other reason: You hated Dan Kuso. Everything about him pissed you off. He just got to you unlike Mira or Ace or....or that Ninja....Shun Kazami...Master of the Ventus Attribute...
No, you didn't mind the silent, calculative Ninja... He was one of the only members of the Resistance that you could stand more than two minutes with...Besides, you felt sort of comfortable talking to him when your mind was full of doubt...He had this sort of aura about him that made him approachable at least to you...

One night, you were sitting in your room, your door locked at the lights off, pretending you were asleep, when in reality you weren't....You just didn't want your idiot of a mother to barge in and beat you again. The two of you lived in an apartment adjacent to Hydron's palace. You had been provided the accommodations that were necessary to survive, courtesy of "Club Vexos" and being an 'exclusive member' of theirs. You lay on your bed, staring at your ceiling deep in thought.
"Mizuki?" said a voice.
Your bakugan and best friend, Darkus Skyress flew several inches away from your face, staring down at you.
"Are you all right?"
"Yeah, why?" you replied the normal coldness in your tone.
"Something seems to be bothering you more than normal tonight...Was it because of your mother's behavior?"
You said nothing, but continued to stare up at the ceiling. "It's fine, Skyress, I'm all right. Just let me sleep."
You turned over to your side, your back facing her and she sighed worriedly.
"All right. Goodnight, Mizuki."
But something was bothering you...It was about your favorite Brawler...Something he had said to you several nights ago:


Another visit to the Resistance gone more sour than you had anticipated...You sighed irritably and ran a hand through your hair. Dan was pissing you off again...Majorly...It had made your hatred for him grow immensely and you had kicked him at least a dozen times already...You were fuming silently to yourself in the forest by the Resistance's mobile home by sitting in a tree. Darkus Skyress was in your hand and you were gazing at her.



"I know Daniel has angered you again, but you really shouldn't take it out on him like that...It's not very lady-like of you."

"I don't care, Skyress. Dan can just go curl up and die...Che, he's such an idiot. An annoying idiot..." You sighed, leaning your head against the tree trunk and staring up at the burgundy leaves above you. "God...he's such a pain in the a**..."

"Fuming to yourself again?" asked a familiar voice.

You looked down from your position on the branch and smirked. Shun Kazami, was standing below you, his lips curled into a playful smile.

"Can I join you?" he asked.

You shrugged nonchalantly, "If you want."

Next thing you knew, Shun was sitting directly across from you on the branch. You blinked a couple times as it dawned on you that he had used his ninja skills to jump up in literally two seconds, before your expression return to the normal calm one.

"So, are you going to just sit up here all day?" he asked.

You shrugged again. "I don't know. It depends if that idiot Dan can remember to stay away from me."

He chuckled and stared out in the distance. You snuck a glance at him as his gaze was away from yours. He looked so handsome in the warm glow of the evening sun, his dark hair blowing in the breeze.You looked away quickly, your cheeks slightly tinged with pink.

"Mizuki? Can I ask you something?"

"What?" you asked blatantly.

"Have...have you ever liked anyone?"

This question caught you off guard. "What?" you asked, trying to compose your voice from the shock.

"Have you ever liked anyone?"


He gave you a sheepish grin, scratching the back of his head nervously, "Just wondering, heh, that's all."

You nodded once and looked back at the setting sun. Suddenly, you felt a presence right next to you and you turned your head to see Shun sitting literally two inches from your left. He leaned towards you, his breath tickling your ear and his hand gently placed on yours. "There's someone I like...And she's just like you..."

Your face began warming up and when you turned to look at him, he was gone.

"What the...? Where'd he go? And what did he mean by that?"


You sighed before curling up and falling asleep, his words echoing through your mind:

"'And she's just like you...'"


Hydron wanted you guys to scout out Gamma City [1] and find the Resistance so you could capture Drago. You sighed in annoyance as you made your way around town, pretending to search for them, when in reality you were just there for tickles and grins so to speak. You meandered aimlessly, observing happy Vestal families, their kids laughing and running around and playing with each other. You smiled despite the tinge of jealousy you felt as you watched those carefree kids. You loved kids, you could stand being around them as well. They were the only people who actually saw the nice side of you.

"Mizuki! Mizuki!" cried a voice.

You turned and smiled at who you saw approaching you and crouched down to their level.

"Hi, Max," you said sweetly to the brown-haired boy. "How are you doing?"

He panted, grasping his knees as he stopped in front of you.

"I'm good *pant* I'm happy *pant* to see *pant* you here *pant*."

You smiled softly, "Where are your parents? Did you lose them again?"

He shook his head, grinning cutely. "They're by the park, but when I saw you, they told me I could come and say hi."

You tousled his head affectionately. "Have you been taking good care of your family? How are they?"

"They're good too, Mizuki! But, but, when will you come babysit me again? I don't like the other lady that comes...she's mean and ugly!"

You swallowed a chuckle at the mention of Max's housekeeper. She was a mean woman with an iron fist...The poor seven-year-old had to endure her constant yammering every single day that his parents needed her to babysit him.

"Well, I'm coming this weekend to watch you, so don't worry," you said.

Max beamed at you, giggling in excitement, "Hooray!! I can't wait! We'll play hide-'n'-seek, an', an' Space Warriors!"

"Ok, sounds good, buddy."

"Maxie! Maxie, it's time to go! Come on now," said a voice.

"Okay!" he cried back before he hugged you tightly.

"Bye, bye, Mizuki! See you this weekend!" he said happily, before running to his mother who waved at you before taking him away.

You smirked, waving back slightly. "What a kid..."

"You got a date with someone, Mizuki?"

You whirled around to see Shun standing behind you, a smirk on his face.

"Oh...no, he's just a kid I babysit," you replied calmly, looking back in the direction Max went.

"You like kids, don't you?"

"Yeah, I guess...They're cool."

He stared at you searchingly and you stared back haughtily.



"What're you staring at, Kazami?"

"Who does it look like I'm staring at?" he retorted.

That question caught you off guard again and you blinked at him in confusion, (though you masked it with a cold stare).

You broke the stare and shrugged nonchalantly, walking past him, "Whatever, I don't care." Suddenly, you were stopped.

Glancing over your shoulder, you saw that Shun had latched on to your arm with his hand.

"Wait, something's coming," he said, his tone urgent.

You growled under your breath as you too felt a presence that was altogether too familiar to your dismay.

"Dammit. Why the heck are they here?"

"Come on, Mizuki, let's go," Shun said, running towards the presence. You followed reluctantly, even though he was pulling you behind him.

The two of you ran to an empty park, where to your utter dismay and annoyance, was Shadow Probe [2] and Lync Volcan.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't the Ventus Human, Shun Kazami?" jeered Shadow. "We've been expecting you."

Lync grinned at you. "Good work, Mizuki, way to bring him here."

"What?" Shun turned to you, "You're working with them?"

You looked away, bitterly. "Yeah."

"Why didn't you tell me?!"

"You didn't need to know..."

"Mizuki!" he cried, grasping your shoulders, forcing you to look into those fiery topaz eyes.

"I trusted you!"

"Well, trust me some more, Kazami. I hate the Vexos, they piss me off. They're stupid, annoying and selfish brats. But I'm forced to work with them because of my...because of some personal issues...But I hate them...I hate them all!"

Your anger was boiling up inside you. "Do you understand?! I hate the Vexos!"

"What?! How dare you, you insolent brat?!" cried Shadow an irk mark on his forehead as he pointed to you accusingly. "You traitor! Wait till Hydron hear's about thi-"

"Know your place!!" you cried, swinging your leg up and kicking Shadow squarely in the jaw and sending him flying.

Shun gaped at you as you quickly composed yourself, dusting your skirt and arms. Shadow landed several feet away, and he grasped his jaw, muttering some colorful words under his breath.

"Do you believe me now? If I didn't hate him, I wouldn't have kicked him in the first place," you said, hotly. "Trust me, Shun, I wouldn't have joined these freaks if I had the frickin' choice."

"Goddammit...you b**ch. You'll pay for that," he muttered, glaring at you. "I challenge you to a battle!"

Your eyes narrowed in annoyance at him and you pulled out your gauntlet. "Fine, it'll be me against the two of you-" You were stopped by a hand on yours.

"No, I'm joining the battle: Mizuki and I against the two of you...let's go," he said, pulling his green gauntlet out.

You stared at him for a moment and shook your head, glaring at the two boys in front of you. "Fine, let's go."

"Gauntlet Power Strike!" you all shouted. [3].

"Gate card set! Bakugan Brawl! Ventus Aluze stand!" cried Lync.

His mechanical Bakugan, Aluze appeared, screeching in its victory.

Ventus Aluze has entered the battle. Ventus Aluze at 700 gs.

"Bakugan Brawl! Ventus Master Ingram stand!" cried Shun, shooting his guardian Bakugan on the field.

Ventus Master Ingram has entered the battle. Ventus Master Ingram at 400 gs.

"Ha! Bakugan Brawl! Darkus Hades stand!" Shadow cried, sticking his tongue out.

Darkus Hades has entered the battle. Darkus Hades at 600 Gs.

"Hn...Bakugan Brawl! Darkus Skyress stand!" you cried.

Darkus Skyress has entered the battle. Darkus Skyress at 500 gs.

"Ha, are you ready for me, kiddies? Ability Activate! Photon Tail!" cried Shadow.

Hades cackled at the other Bakugan.

"Are you ready for me?" he flipped around and swung his tail into Ingram and Skyress. They were sent flying several feet and landed on the ground hard.

Ingram power level at 100 gs. Skyress power level at 200 gs.

"What?! No! Ingram!" cried Shun.

"No...I-I mustn't fail my master..." Ingram groaned.

"Don't worry, we shall defeat these two..." murmured Skyress.

You growled internally, your expression set in a dark glare. "Crap, this is not good...I'd better do something fast or we're through..."

"Two can play at that game! Ability Activate: Wind Power: Soaring Strike Shot!"

Ingram pressed his wings together and flew straight at Aluze, and he grabbed its neck.

"What do you think you're doing? That's no way to attack your opponent," sneered Lync.

Shun smirked. "On the contrary! Soaring Strike shot transfers 200 Gs from the opponent to Ingram!"

Ingram power level at 300 Gs. Aluze power level at 400 Gs.

Lync smirked. "But that's not enough to beat me!"

"Ability Activate: Armored Triumph."

Suddenly, Hades' gate card vanished as did it from Shadow's hand.

"What the-? What just happened?"

You smirked darkly at him. "Armored Triumph nullifies the opponent's abilities and adds 200 gs to Skyress."

Skyress power level at 400 gs.

"Double ability activate, Kurai Kaze [4] and Hurricane Dance," you cried, sliding the cards into your gauntlet.

Skyress began flapping her wings slowly, creating giant, dark purple gusts of wind that soon became whirlwinds that engulfed Aluze and Hades.

"What the heck? What's going on?" cried Lync, panic filling him instantly.

"Skyress!" you cried out.

She let out a mighty cry, throwing her head back and her whole body began illuminating a eerie purple and her eyes were glowing an intense topaz. Suddenly your whole body began glowing the same color as well, your long white hair billowing out behind you. You laughed darkly as power surged within you.

Sensing power increase. Skyress power increase to 600 gs. 700. 800. 900.

"Impossible!" shouted Shadow. "Go, Hades, attack!" He gasped, his bakugan was not responding to him. "Hades?"

"I-I can't...move..." groaned Hades from within the purple whirlwinds. "My body...feels...weak..."

Aluze let out a pained cry as well.

Aluze power decrease to 300 Gs. Hades power decrease to 500 gs.

"Kurai Kaze means Dark Winds. Skyress' whirlwinds nullify any attacks the Brawler was planning to use and banishes all abilities of the Bakugan.In addition, it increases the power level of a Bakugan of my choice to whatever number I decide."

Just as you said that, Ingram's power level slowly began increasing in numbers.

Sensing power increase. Master Ingram power increase to 400 gs. 500. 600. 700. 800. 900 gs.

Lync and Shadow stared at you in disbelief. Shun smiled at you.

"Thanks, Mizuki. I appreciate it."

"No problem. And now, witness the incredible power of Darkus Skyress!" you said, slowly raising your hands to the sky.

"Hurricane Dance!"

Suddenly, the sky was filled with ominous dark clouds, thunder and lightning rumbling in the distance. As your hands raised to the sky, Skyress' wings reached towards the sky. You brought your hands back down, your palms pressed together as if in prayer. All of your energy was focused in the center of your body, as was all of Skyress' power. You spun around on your heel, gradually picking up speed, all the while your bakugan was mimicking you. Suddenly, a hurricane surrounded yours and your bakugan's body, engulfing you both inside. You continued spinning, your speed increasing immensely. Suddenly, your eyes shot open and they were glowing a fierce topaz.

"Attack!!" you yelled, extending a hand towards the enemy bakugan.

Skyress sped towards the bakugan, the hurricane still surrounding her, when suddenly, lightning was shot from the sky, and it surrounded her hurricane. As she neared, she opened her beak a dark purple/black, surging sphere appearing before her.

"This is your last stand, Aluze and Hades!" she cried, firing the attack at the whirlwind engulfed bakugan.

"Nooo!!" cried Hades as the sphere was fired at him and his companion.

There was a mighty explosion and a blinding light.

Shun and Ingram shaded their eyes from the light that emitted from your attack and firmly placed their feet on the ground.

After the attack had settled, the smoke began clearing and you peered through the hard of the smoke, anticipation filling you.

"Did we win?" you thought.

When the smoke cleared, you saw (to your amazement) Hades and Aluze unconscious on the ground, all beaten and bruised in defeat. Your opponents' life gauge's were completely empty.
You and Shun were the victors of the match!

"What?! NOOO!!" cried Shadow dramatically. "I can't believe I lost!"

"Oh, boo-hoo," you said dryly, smirking at him in triumph. "Now get lost. Both of you. I never want to see either of you again in my life."

Lync growled at you and Shun before he and Shadow ran off, angered and ashamed that they had lost to you and the Ninja

"Good work, Skyress," you said to your bakugan before pocketing her away and walking off.

Suddenly, you were stopped by a firm grasp on your arm.

"Mizuki..." said Shun, staring at you, his topaz orbs apologetic. "I'm sorry..."

You stared back at him, mesmerized by his eyes, before you shook it off, waving your hand as if dismissing his comment.

"Forget it. It's fine."

He looked away. "I just...couldn't think it was possible...You being a member of the Vexos..."

"Well, it doesn't matter now, does it? I'm not part of their 'entourage' anymore."

"So what are you going to do now?"

"Probably go home..."

"Oh..Then...I'll walk you home."

You blinked at him and cocked an eyebrow. "Okay..." you said as he fell into step next to you.

A few minutes later, you two had reached your apartment complex after chatting the entire way back.

"Well, thanks, Shun...For battling with me and for walking me home," you said, turning to face him.

"Yeah, no problem, Mizuki. Anytime. We make a good tag team," he grinned and you smirked back.

"Later, Kazami."

"See you."

You saluted with two fingers and walked inside the building and to your apartment room. You were relieved to see that your mother was not home.

"She's probably gone to visit Dr. Clay again..that cheap ba****d..."

You plopped down in front of the TV in your room and aimlessly flipped through channels in order to entertain yourself. Time passed by and next thing you knew, you heared the front door opening.

"Mizuki! Get your a** over here now!!" hollered your mother, who was surprisingly not drunk for once.

You sighed, turning the TV off and trudging over to your mother.

"Yes, ma'am?" you said boredly.

She slapped you hard across the face. "Don't you dare talk to your mother like that! You insolent girl! I don't know why I even bother! You're so selfish! Shadow informed me that you did not aid in the capturing of Master Ingram! Why the hell didn't you?!" She slapped you again, her brown hair in a messy ponytail and her hazel eyes blazing with anger.

"You're useless! Pathetic!" She punched you in the stomach and you fell to the ground, coughing hard, but she didn't give you anytime to recover and instead kicked you hard in the stomach, causing you to cough up blood. She brought out her favorite beating weapon: her umbrella (the stick/pole part of it) and began hitting you with it.

"You b**ch! B**ch, b**ch, b**ch!! You are to follow every order given to you by Hydron! Do you understand?!"

You covered your head with your hands, grunting as the impact of the stick came in contact with your skin.

She picked you up by the hair so you two were at eye level. You bit your lip, forcing yourself not to cry out in pain.

"Now you listen to me, you prissy little wh*re. You are to never, NEVER disobey me again, do you understand?!"

You groaned and she hit your across the face, dropping you to the ground again.

"There..." she panted. "That'll teach you to never disobey me or Hydron again. Selfish sl*t."

You panted, coughing up more blood and grunting in pain at how hard she had beaten you. You heard her stomp to her room and slam the door shut.

You attempted to sit up, but you couldn't...Your abdomen hurt at every move you made. She kicked you hard enough to crack a rib...or so it felt like. There was a pool of coughed up blood on the floor and you heaved yourself to a sitting position, wincing in pain.

"Dammit...I can hardly move...I...I've got to get out of here...before she comes back again to beat me again..."

Using the sofa as support, you stood up and slowly limped towards the front door.

You limped out of the apartment complex into the relatively empty evening streets. The sun was slowly sinking behind the horizon, leaving the sky looking a pastel tangerine and pink...You limped to who knows where, hiding in the shadows where no one would see you. Your conscious was beginning to fade away from the loss of blood and you were feeling weaker and weaker. You eventually found yourself in the park that you were in moments ago and you stumbled towards the circular fountain in the middle of the park.

"Mizuki? Child, are you all right?" Skyress asked worriedly, flying out of your pocket and hovering near your face. "Mizuki? Answer me, please!"

You swatted her aside, panting heavily and forcing your eyes to stay open. "I...I'm fine...Don't worry..." you said dismissively, limping towards the fountain. You reached it and almost fell against it, using it to support yourself. You smirked weakly when you saw your reflection in the water.

Your lip was bleeding, and you had bruises on your cheeks from being slapped. Your clothes were tattered and torn here and there and you could feel that you had a huge bruise forming on your abdomen, the pain was unbearable.

You smiled despite yourself. "Wow...Look at me...Pathetic..." you whispered, your eyesight beginning to fade away.

"Child! Stay awake! Please! Mizuki!" cried Skyress, but her voice seemed so far away as darkness was closing in on you.

"Looks like my time has come...to an end....I-"

"Mizuki?" said a familiar voice.

You turned slightly to catch a glimpse of topaz before your conscious was consumed by black.


"Mizuki. Mizuki, wake up. Mizuki."

Someone was calling you back from your deep sleep, but you couldn't distinguish who...

"Mizuki. Mizuki! Wake up!"

Your eyes shot open and you found yourself staring into topaz. Shun was shaking you lightly, his topaz orbs filled with concern.
You blinked warily, your eyesight returning to normal.

"Sh-Shun?" you croaked through chapped lips before coughing immensely.

Shun took that as a sign and immediately sat you up and placed a glass of water to your lips that you graciously gulped down as he tilted it, letting the cool water slide down your parched throat.

"Wh-Where am I?" you asked, after sighing in content.

"You're in my room at the Resistance's home base."

You surveyed the room, from your position against Shun's arm. It was a green painted room, with a large bed (that you were currently sitting on), a closet, bathroom and window with a cushioned bench. Light was streaming through the window, informing you it was either morning or mid-afternoon.

"H-How long have I been out?" you questioned weakly.

"For at least two days. I found you stumbling around in the park. You looked really beaten up and bruised. What happened?"

You looked away from his piercing and worried gaze.

"I can't tell him about Mom...at least...not yet..."

"I..uh...tripped down the stairs as I was walking up to my apartment. They were concrete stairs...so that's how I got all these bruises and crap."

He looked at you skeptically before shrugging it off and leaning you against the plethora of pillows.

"Well, at least you're all right. I had Mira take a look at your wounds, so that's why you're all bandaged up and stuff."

You nodded slowly, blushing at the thought of Shun tending to your wounds. Especially the ones underneath your clo...you shook your head, before grunting in pain.

"Easy there, Mizuki. You're still recovering," he said, adjusting the pillows underneath your head. His face was merely inches from yours, so much that you could feel his breath tickling your skin. You stared up at his face as his fingers lightly brushed your cheek, adjusting your bandages on your face. He stared into your orbs deeply, his lips inches from yours as well.

He brushed some hair from your face, his face coming closer to yours, almost closing the gap between you...


You both paused, and your eyes trailed down to your stomach.


You were hungry; extremely hungry for that matter. Your face turned several light shades of red all at once and Shun grinned.

"I agree, I'm hungry too. I'll go see if Mira has cooked something, okay? I'll bring you some food, be right back."

He stood gracefully and walked out of the room, closing the door gently behind him.

"Dammit!" you hissed, slamming your fist into the bed, hissing in pain afterwards.

"What's wrong with me? It's like I wanted him to kiss me...But why? Do I...?"

You sighed, staring up at the green ceiling.

"Do I love him?"


You hadn't gone home after your severe beating, which suited you just fine. Though the Resistance had no clue that your mother had beat you that night, they took you under their wing, which you graciously accepted. Neither your mother nor the Vexos had come after you since you sent Lync and Shadow home crying and embarrassed, and that was perfect for you too. You had been spending a lot of time with Shun, which didn't seem to bother him at all. The more you hung out, the closer the two of you got and the more your feelings for him began to blossom within you. You were unsure if he would return your feelings, so you kept them to yourself, maintaining that intimidating and cold demeanor in order to mask your buzzing emotions.

One day, the two of you were sitting together in your new room (that Baron kindly offered you to keep)talking with each other. You still hadn't told him about your mother...and the reason behind her beating you. He was telling you about his Mother, and how she had died of an illness when he was younger and how he almost quite his Bakugan training. But it was because of Dan he found the motivation to Brawl again.

"Though I miss Storm Skyress a lot, I'm glad I'm partners with Ingram. He's strong and level-headed. And very calculative."

You nodded understandingly.

"You know, Mizuki, Darkus Skyress reminds me so much of Storm Skyress...She's very strong, loyal and wise. You're very fortunate to have her as your Bakugan."

You gave him a small smile. "Thanks, Kazami."

He grinned sheepishly.

You both sat in silence for sometime, all the while thoughts of if you should confess to him, why you shouldn't, why you should, what he would think, etc.

"Mizuki?" he asked suddenly, breaking your trance.

"Mm?" you asked, maintaining your usual cold tone and appearance.

"Do you remember when I asked you if you had ever liked anyone?"

The question caught you off guard once more. You stared at him questioningly.

"Yeah, so?"

"Well...have you? Or do you like someone now?"

You remained silent, unsure how to answer his question.

"Because there's someone I like..."

"'She's just like you'." Rang his words in your head.

"Who is she?"


"Who's the girl you like?"

He was silent for a moment, a pondering look in his topaz orbs.
Then he smirked dangerously and leaned towards you, so that his lips were inches from yours.

"You really want to know?"

You blinked a couple of times.

"What are you-?"

Shun wrapped his arms around you and pushed you on your back on the bed.

"Ah! Shun, what the heck are you-Mmph!"

He had captured your lips with his before you could continue, completely catching you off guard. Once you had realized what he was doing, you tried pushing him off, embarrassed and shocked at what was happening. He gently broke the kiss and smiled down at you, his bangs lightly touching your face. He bent down to your ear and whispered, "She's you, Mizuki."

You gasped. "What?"


Right off the bat, Shun searched for your soft spot, kissing, licking and even lightly nipping your pale skin. You gasped when he brushed over it lightly, which cued him to kiss it, lick it and almost immediately start biting and abusing it. You moaned as he bit down on your soft flesh, the pain gone and substituted with pleasure. His hands ran up your shirt, lightly tracing your abdomen, sending chills up your spine.

"Mmm...Sh-Shun..." you moaned, his hands running all the way up to your bra.

He growled lightly in irritation, as your undergarment got in the way of his exploration. So he pulled your shirt off, revealing the bothersome article of clothing as well as parts of your concealed beauties. You blushed as he stared at your chest hungrily and he dove headfirst, kissing the exposed parts of your breasts. Your hands clutched the bedsheets tightly, your womanhood beginning to tingle with excitement.

When he was ready, he slipped his hands behind you and undid the clasp of your bra before gently pulling it off of your body, entirely revealing your fairly large bust. Lust flashed hungrily through his topaz eyes as he stared at your chest.

"Darling..." he whispered, taking a breast in his mouth, sucking, licking, kissing and biting it and with the neglected one, he pinched, fondled and caressed. You arched your back, moaning with immense pleasure. Then he switched treatments on your chest, providing equal attention to both breasts. He lifted his head up and gasped. Your body was almost completely covered with cuts, scars and bruises.

"Mizuki..." he said softly, his orbs filling with concern and shock. "Did...did she do this to you?"

You gasped when you realized he was clearly able to see the injuries you had tried so hard to cover...You looked away, guilt filling your heart and tying knots in your stomach.

"Mizuki," he said firmly, pulling your chin towards him. "Did she do this to you?"

"I...I don't know what you're talking about...These are from training..." you said quietly.

"Don't lie to me," his tone was deathly calm. "Your mother...she did this to you, didn't she?"

You gasped as you stared into the orbs of the Ninja you were falling for.

"She's been physically abusing you...for every mission you failed, even if the failure wasn't your fault. She beat you, every night, every chance she got...She'd even come home drunk and abuse you, both verbally and physically..."

He gazed deeply into your eyes, his hand placed against your cheek.

"I'm right, aren't I? She's the one, who's put you through hell every night no matter reason...She's the one who gave you all those injuries when I found you in the park...Am I right? Mizuki?" he asked gently.

You were awestruck by his conclusions. How did he know? How did he know it was your mother? The woman who loved and cared for you as a child...The woman who drove your father and brother away due to her alcoholism...

Tears filled your eyes instantly as you gazed into his calm orbs.

"How? H-How did you figure it out, Sh-shun?" you whispered, crystal blue tears sliding down your porcelain cheeks. "How?"

He gave you a sympathetic smile, leaning down and kissing the tears away.

"I could tell, Mizuki. You were desperately trying your hardest to cover the bruises up...But I knew...I knew she was coming home and beating you senselessly..After you confessed to me about working for the Vexos, it hit me...When you talked about your mother, you held the same emotions in your eyes: hatred,and betrayal, that your eyes held when talking about the Vexos..I knew from then on what your mother had been doing to you...I knew...I knew..."

He wiped the continuous flow of tears away. "BUt it's over now...Mizuki....You'll never be near her again...You're going to live with me and my friends...and you'll be safe...I swear to you on my life, you will be safe. I am going to protect you with my life and no one, neither the Vexos nor your mother will hurt you. You're safe now...I promise..." he said, pulling you close to him, his arms around your back and waist.

You gripped his shirt tightly, your tears staining it and stroked your bare back soothingly.

"Thank you...Thank you, Shun..." you whispered. "I owe you everything..."

You broke the embrace gently and he grinned at you. "Now...where were we?"

You smirked and flipped him on to his back, straddling his waist. "You were about to surrender to me."

He smirked challengingly, quirking an eyebrow expectantly. You leaned down to his neck, sending butterfly kisses all the way up to his jawline and back down to his collarbone. He moaned as you licked his neck, sucking and biting all over when you found his soft spot.

"Mmm, M-Mizuki..." he moaned. "More..."

You grinned smugly to yourself and continued to abuse his soft spot as your hands slid up his tunic, pulling it off and over his head to ensnare his wrists. You kissed your way down to his nubs and while you kissed, licked and nibbled on one, you fondled, pinched the massaged the other. Shun bucked his hips against yours, moaning impatiently. You switched your treatment to the other side, and all the while you could feel his manhood growing against your thigh.

You then kissed your way down his navel to the top of his pants, where you could see the evident bulge in his pants.

"My, my, Kazami, aren't you the impatient one?" you teased, pulling the zipper down with your teeth and slowly pulling his pants away to reveal his black silky boxers.

You deliberately took your time in removing them as well, earning an impatient growl from your lover.

"Hurry up, Mizuki..." he growled, making you smirk.

You blinked at his size when his boxers were pulled away.

"Damn, Kazami, this will be one helluva night..." you murmured, pumping his member with your hands.

He groaned loudly, as you licked whilst pumping, your pace increasing immeasurably.

"Mi-Miz-...I'm c-coming!" he moaned, as his liquid poured into your mouth. You lapped up as much as possible, and leaned over to kiss him, pouring his liquid into his mouth. His tongue was delved in your mouth as he cleaned his liquid from it.

"Mmm, you taste good," you said seductively, licking his lips passionately.

He chuckled dangerously, flipping you over on to your back.

"My turn," he said sexily, kissing his way down your navel to the rim of your skirt. His hands slid underneath your skirt to your already wet panties and he slowly pulled them down to your knees, ensnaring them together. He fingered your womanhood and you bit your lower lip in expectation. He shoved his finger inside of you, making you cry out, before he began pumping his finger.

You grasped the back of his head, your back arching.

"Ahh...ngh...Sh-Shun..." you moaned, throwing your head back.

He inserted another finger inside of you...then one more, his pace increasing, his fingers stretching your insides.

"I-I'm coming...!"

Your liquid spilled on to the bed, staining your skirt and he pulled his fingers from you, licking them sexily.

"You taste...wonderful..." he said seductively, watching you as he licked your taste from his fingers.

You watched weakly as he pulled your skirt off and threw it somewhere unimportant in the room. He spread your legs out slightly, giving you a look.

"Are you ready, Mizuki?" he asked.

"Hurry, Kazami...I...I want you so bad...." you responded huskily, biting your lip in anticipation.

He slammed his member into you and you cried out loudly, tears threatening to fall from your crimson red eyes.

"Shh, Mizuki, sshh, it's all right," he whispered, leaning down to kiss your eyelids lovingly. "I'll wait for you, I promise..."

You kissed him back, signaling for him to proceed, and he began pumping in and out slowly, his hands supporting him on the bed, right next to your head.

"Ngh...ah...ngh!" you moaned, wrapping your legs around his waist, signaling him to go deeper inside of you.

Shun's pace increased drastically, his member delving deeper inside of you.

"I'm going to...make you...cry...my name...out loud, Mizuki..." he mumbled, hitting your G-Spot.

He placed his forehead against yours and grunted as he went faster and harder.

"Sh-Shun...I-I'm so close...Ah!" you cried, throwing your head back.

"Say my name...Say it!"




"Louder, Mizuki!"


"That's it..."

You could feel your climax about ready to hit...and by the looks of it, Shun could too.

"MIZUKI/SHUN!!!!!" you both screamed as your liquids mixed together, spilling on to the bed and staining it.


His sweaty body collapsed on yours and he panted against your neck.

"Man...that...was...amazing..." he panted, nuzzling your neck. "Not only are you a... ten in my book, but... you are...like this too..."

You blushed darkly, not sure how to retort to his comment. As if knowing you were blushing, he looked at you, smirking affectionately at you. He rolled off of you and on to his side, pulling you closer to him.

"I've loved you for a long time, Mizuki, but I wasn't sure how you would react if I told you...because you kick people if they piss you off..."

You looked at him questioningly, "You thought I'd be pissed if you told me that you loved me?"

He nodded sheepishly, caressing your cheek with the back of his index finger.

"Shun, you didn't have to hide your feelings for so long...I...I've loved you for a while now too..." you said, your blush darkening.

His face brightened slightly. "Really? You have?"

You nodded and he smiled, pulling you in closer so your head could rest against his bare chest.

"Thank you, Mizuki, I love you."

You smirked at him. "You know, if I weren't so damn happy and comfortable right now, you would be flying off somewhere from my kick."

He chuckled, pulling the blanket over both of you.



"You should know your place."



[1]: I believe Gamma City is where Hydron's Palace is located, but I could be wrong. If I'm incorrect, please pretend that Gamma City is the city where the Palace is actually located.

[2]: 'Shadow Probe'? 'Shadow Prove'? 'Shadow Probe' sounds better then 'Prove' so, Imma go with that...

[3]: Now my battle sequence may have Gate Cards and Abilities from the original Bakugan series, but my sources were/are reliable and I believe the attacks, etc are up to date in terms of New Vestroia.

[4]: "Kurai Kaze" is defined as "Dark Winds" as per my handy-dandy translator :) (Again, please correct me if I'm wrong!)

I hope you enjoyed the one shot, dinolover19! And everyone who reads it! Now that I've had practice (by writing one shots in general), I may be able to write one shot requests.

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